Ehsan Misaghi

Nice to e-meet you! My name is Ehsan and I am an MD/PhD student at the University of Alberta, soon-to-be a clinician-scientist-innovator. I study the neurodevelopment of zebrafish as a model organism for human development and disease. I have an undergraduate degree in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering (dual-major), and a master’s in Neuroscience. I dabble in programming and artificial intelligence (AI), the field that is going to replace us all with machines (it probably will not)! I enjoy playing volleyball, squash and tennis, blogging (honestly, any form of writing), reading, coding, going out for walks when it’s not -50C outside and a lot more! Feel free to browse my website and contact me with questions or comments!

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Ethical Dilemma

Ethical Dilemmas

Ethical dilemmas, the trolley problem being one of them, are fun to talk about, but…
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